Sea Fishing in South Africa

Sea fishing is something that most fishing enthusiasts will try at least once and for many, it is the only form of fishing that will do. There are a number of coastal areas in South Africa where this is a very popular hobby although where you start from will depend on what you aim to catch.

Bats Cave at Kenton on Sea is a very popular sea fishing spot mainly because it has a wide variety of fish. This area is close to Bushman’s River Mouth. You will need to be aware when the tide is high because it can be a little dangerous. Fishing experts have stated that a variety of baits can be used and you can catch sardines among other types of fish.

The Kosi Bay Mouth and Estuary is located in the north of the KwaZulu Natal region. The southern side is often recommended for the best fishing and you can catch species such as the blacktip shark, daga salmon or giant sand shark.

An alternative to these sites is The Wreck at Kasouga. This is actually a saltwater fishing spot and you have to reach it by foot by walking along the beach. It is six miles from the actual town so you need to be prepared for a long walk but once you get there it will be worth it. The ‘wreck’ is the name of a trawler that ended up on the sandbanks there in 1965. You can still see part of the ship today. There is a variety of species that you can catch here including kob, black sea catfish, the lesser sand shark, and blacktail.

There are many more great fishing spots that you can consider, so make sure you do a little research before you go and you could find yourself going home with a great haul.

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