Luxury Fishing Holidays in South Africa

Whether you live in South Africa or are taking a holiday, finding a great place to fish can be difficult. It is possible to take luxury fishing holidays in South Africa, stay at some great hotels or other top-quality accommodation, and fish in some of the most amazing regions with gorgeous views.

Tiger-fish, indigenous to Africa can be fished for in the KwaZulu Natal. The Pongola Game Reserve is thought to be the best place in South Africa to try to catch tiger fish. Feel the full force of nature in a relaxing way by opting to stay in a luxury tent while on safari. Fishing this way for many is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is the sort of holiday that makes great memories.

Opt for a spa hotel that can help you to arrange deep sea fishing for a little different experience. If you have always been a river or small lake fisherman then deep sea fishing is going to be a whole new and exciting experience for you. You have the opportunity to catch larger, more exotic fish and those fisherman’s tales can be a reality. Don’t forget to take a picture of you with your catch to make your friends jealous.

Go bass fishing on the Eastern Cape and you can enjoy a safari and fishing trip all in one. See rare animals such as the white lions and then fish on Lake Cariega for bass. Stay in luxury lodges with all the modern conveniences one might be surprised to see out in the wilderness. Go with a group of friends who share your passion for fishing or take the family for a holiday they will never forget.

Most luxury hotels in South Africa can help you find the best fishing spots in your local, they may even be able to help you out with hiring equipment helping you enjoy your favourite pastime with ease.

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