Great Fly Fishing Spots in South Africa

South Africa has near to 3000 km of coastline, a vast array of lakes, streams and rivers too, so it is the ideal country to be a fisherman. Fly fishing is extremely popular here and there are several great places in South Africa where you can enjoy a great fly fishing experience.

Rhodes, on the Eastern Cape, is a tiny little hamlet that borders Lesotho. The waters around here are filled with trout and are one of the most scenic areas you can imagine. You can have a choice of both river and stream fishing here, you can use medium or small sized nymphs to get the best out of fishing here.

One of the best-known areas for fly fishing in the whole of South Africa is the Highlands Meander in Mpumalanga. Go in winter when the trout are more responsive and use both wet and dry flies. It isn’t unusual for fishermen here to use more than one rod, usually 2 and 5 weights. If you live close enough to visit the area daily then you are very lucky, if not then consider staying in one of the many accommodation options nearby, you can then fish every day of your holiday if you want to.

Stream fishing in the Western Cape is really popular, and just about an hour away from Cape Town are the streams of DU Toitskloof. Packed with both brown and rainbow trout the Elandspad River has a great flow. S floating line works well here with a dry fly and it is advised that nothing heavier than a 2-weight rod is needed. This is a controlled site so access to the area needs to be arranged in advance. Permits may be necessary.

Get your waders on and head to Orange River in the Northern Cape. Use bead head nymphs to try to catch the largemouth yellowfish that swim these waters. There are some great campsites nearby too.

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