Equipment for fishing in South Africa

If you are thinking of taking up fishing as a new relaxing hobby, or maybe you used to fish and want to start up again, there are a few basic pieces of equipment you will need in order to get started and to make the most of your fishing experience.

The first thing is perhaps the most obvious, you will need a fishing rod and a reel. Unless you plan to have a go at catching fishes by your hands (extremely hard and you will need the patience of a saint) then a fishing rod is the only way to go. For beginners, it is thought that spin casting reels are the easiest, it is suitable for small fish, up to about 20lbs. Your rod’s length will depend on your own size too, so each one is fairly personal to the user. Shop at a reputable South African fishing tackle outlet, they can guide you to buying the rod that it best for you.

The fishing line you use is also important. The sort of line you use depends on the sort of fish you want to catch. If the lake or river you are going to be fishing is known to have a certain type of fish in abundance, then it is likely that you will catch that type of fish more. For example, if the stream is stocked with trout, then don’t expect to catch a salmon! For bigger fish such as a bass, you will need a heavy duty line (10-12 lb test) for trout and for smaller fish, 6-8lb test will work fine.

Hooks are important. If you are catching and throwing back, don’t use a barbed hook, these will cause damage to the fish and can end up killing them. Smaller hooks are great, especially with live bait as they will fit into the fish’s mouth much easily. As for bait, you can fish without, but more fish are attracted to the hook if there is something tasty on the line.

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