Needle Scale Queenfish on chartreuse Iron Candy spoons

Fishing is amazing no matter how big or small the fish, well for us here at Off The Chart, thats the case. Cruising the waters of Mozambique and stumbling on fish that are boiling will get you fired up. We had the opportunity to use the lightest gear possible and have lots of fun. Odd little piece of useful info in here as well as a tackle tip or two.

Nice Seychelles GT on Fly – start to finish – The Raw Files

This is going back some years to the good old days when we were able to roam the Seychelles flats. Gerhard from FlyCastaway shows us how you quickly land and release a GT on fly on the flats. Maybe we are going to be going back sometime soon!

Grouper on fly – Rainy day in the Seychelles – The Raw Files

Fly fishing is a special practice and for those fortunate enough to be able to get to the Seychelles, an absolute treat! Guys target certain species but those flies look so damn tasty one is never sure what will eat it. This grouper was one of these instances, not the target species but an amazing fish none the less.

Queen Fish – Eats GT Ice Cream – The Raw Files

This exquisite specimen of a Queen Fish ate a GT Ice cream in the warm waters of Mozambique. The fish boiled for about 15 minutes and then disappeared……… damn 15 minutes ever!!

Needle Scale Queenfish aka Double Spot Salad – The Raw Files

This was from a session filmed up at BD Lodge on Bartholomeu Dias Point in Mozambique. It had been really slow the first few days and these fish were the first big shoals we came across. It was awesome using light tackle and small Iron Candy spoons to catch these fish. They were absolute giants compared with one’s we had caught before. They boiled for about 20 minutes and then we moved on.

GT’S chasing plug – The Raw Files

There is no doubt that the GT is a machine of a fish! Catching a brief under water glimpse of this gang charging after a plug should be enough to get any angler vibrating. I guess most of us will be left to dream about the next time one gets to have such and encounter. For those fortunate to be going on a trip soon enough to try and capture one of the magnificent creatures, tight lines!

Blue Fin Trevally Seychelles – The Raw Files

Walking the outer edges of a deserted island in the Seychelles is the most unbelievable experience. As you walk eyes are continually fixed on the water or near by flat as in this place you never know what you going to see. This time round a school of blue fin kingfish were spotted and a super light outfit with a small GT ice cream was presented. They spooked first cast but second throw saw the plug engulfed and an amazing little bluefin landed and released.

Photographs and Fishing

Pics from fishing trips are priceless. The real value comes months or years after we have long forgotten the details of what we claim to have been the trip of a lifetime. The images captured from just one session, the video of which you are watching, are enough to remind us of just how lucky we are! This fishing thing is amazing in so many ways, share your pictures and your stoke!

Got him – Madagascan Couta – The Raw Files

Fishing is a funny old thing, you can target a specific species and even in an area where they are plentiful, they can elude you. This particular day in Madagascar Rich had been trying almost all day for a couta and up until this happened had drawn a blank. Trying all the best lures in the business, Iron Candy Couta casting spoons, Max Raps, Salmo sliders and more, it had delivered nothing. After stopping at a spot, we got smoked at a few days earlier, there was finally action. This young Couta took a Salmo Slider and just like that, it was mission accomplished. Neptune makes you work hard for your fish sometimes!

You Know what’s that ………… It’s an ON! Snoek Madness – The Raw Files

Another little clip of an amazing session in Mozambique, where the Queen Mackerel (Snoek) went absolutely mad for about 40 minutes. One can’t explain the feeling and excitement of having the opportunity to cast a spoon at these incredible predators. it’s enough to get anyone vibrating!